Bachelor Courses

Forest Faculty

35.03.01 Forest Science

  • Forest Science and Aesthetic Forestry;
  • Forest Protection;
  • Forest Science;
  • Aerospace Methods and Forest Resources Research based on GIS Technologies;
  • Tree Surgery in Urban Environment.

Forest Industries Faculty

  • 15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment;
  • 23.03.03 Technological Machine Maintenance;
  • 35.03.02 Technologies and Equipment of Wood-cutting and Wood-working industry
    Qualification: Forest Engineering
  • 15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment;
    Qualification: Machines and Equipment of Forest Complex
  • 23.03.03 Service and Technological Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Facilities;
    Qualification: Service and Technical Operation of Transport and Technological Machines (Forest Complex).

Faculty of Landscape Design

35.03.10 Landscape Design

Day Department – 4 years
Extramural Department – 5 years

Qualification 1: Landscape Planning;
Qualification 2: Landscape Design;
Qualification 3: Decorative Gardening.

Faculty of Mechanical and Chemical Wood Technology

  • 35.03.02 Technology and Equipment of Logging and Woodworking Operations;
  • 15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment;
  • 18.03.01 Technology of Chemical Wood Conversion;
  • 15.03.04 Automatization of Technological and Production Processes.

Faculty of Economics and Foreign Relations

38.03.01 Economics

Qualification 1: World Economics (day department);
Qualification 2: Accounting and audit;
Qualification 3: Economy and Management in Forest-related organizations and Forestry Industry;
Qualification 4: Economy and Management in Wood-processing Industry (day/evening/extramural department);
Qualification 5: Economy and Management in Machine and Instrument Engineering;
Qualification 6: Finances and Credit.

Faculty of Computer Sciences

  • 01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies;
  • 27.03.04 System Analysis and Direction;
  • 12.03.01 Instrument-making;
  • 09.03.01 Information and Computational Systems;
  • 27.03.01 Standardization and Certification.

Faculty of Humanities

45.03.02 Linguistics

Qualification: Translation and Interpretation

44.03.04 Vocational Training (in different industries)

Qualification 1: Economics and Management;
Qualification 2: Law and Law Abiding;
Qualification 3: Space Monitoring of Forest Resources.

The International School of Management and Business

38.03.02 Management

Qualification 1: Information Management;
Qualification 2: Logistics;
Qualification 3: Marketing;
Qualification 4: International Management;
Qualification 5: Production Management;
Qualification 6: Small Business Management;
Qualification 7: Project Management;
Qualification 8: Innovations Management;
Qualification 9: Human Resources Management;
Qualification 10: Managerial and Financial Accounting;
Qualification 11: Financial Management;
Qualification 12: Organizational Management;
Qualification 13: Analysis of Managerial Decisions.

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