Faculties and focus areas at MGUL

Foreign citizens can enter the following faculties:

Forest Faculty (FF)

The Faculty trains Bachelors, Engineers and Masters for Forest Industries and Aesthetic forestry. Students are taught how to use, protect and reproduce forests. They major in Forest Monitoring, Forest Inventory, Cadastral Registration and Forest Management. They also study Natural, Anthropogenic and Urban landscapes.

Faculty of Landscape Design (FLD)

The graduates of FLD can work in forest and urban recreational zones as well as municipal forests. Students gain knowledge in Landscape Design, The Theory of Landscape Art, The Basics of Plantation Reconstruction, The Basics of Landscape Composition, Floristry and The Basics of Colour Science. They also look into the Role of Trees and Bushes in Landscape Architecture.

Faculty of Mechanical and Chemical Wood Technology (FMCWT)

The Faculty gives knowledge and skills in management, maintenance and development of woodworking and pulp & paper businesses. Modern woodworking industry is based on a complex of physical, chemical and mechanical processes which are managed by people who have deep and wide knowledge in different sciences.

Graduates are aware of modern furniture manufacture, the core of which is the use of synthetic and natural materials for its finishing. They are also experts in the use of structural wood-based materials in construction and machine-building industry. They know fiber-wood and fiber glass production processes, the construction and maintenance of woodworking machinery and automated control.

Faculty of Economics and Foreign Relations (FEFR)

The Faculty trains professionals who are capable of working in profit and non-profit organizations, companies, joint-ventures, banks, Stock Exchanges, the Customs. The opportunities also include Accountancy, Marketing and Research and Development. Graduates have a good command of two foreign languages. They know International Economics, banking, lending, securities markets, taxation, etc.

Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)

The Faculty offers courses on Mathematical Modelling, Simulation Experiment, Network Programming, Web-technologies, System Programming, Databases, Artificial Intellect, Telemetric information processing, Spaceship Management, Microcomputer Programming, Onboard computers, Operational Systems, Instrumentation and Certification.

Humanities Faculty

One of the tasks of this Faculty is to train professionals who know the World and National Cultures, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences. Philosophy and Social Sciences widen students’ outlook through social processes analysis. Psychology and Pedagogy show students how to build up relationships in a family and team. The knowledge of foreign languages gives access to authentic technical information. Physical Training keeps students fit.

The Faculty trains translators and interpreters for forest enterprises and teachers of Economics and Law.

The International School of Management and Business (ISMB)

ISMB is a young and fast developing faculty which combines traditions of classical universities and innovation approaches to business education.

ISMB’s mission is to build up civilized business environment and foster mutual success of people and organizations by teaching a highly qualified manager.

Students of ISMB major in Financial Management, Information Management, Production Management, Innovations Management, Marketing, Logistics, Strategic Management, Quality Programmes, Green Management.

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