How to apply

If you want to enter Moscow State Forest University you need to send the following documents to the Foreign Citizens Educational Centre by e-mail:

  • Application form
  • A copy of your certificate of education
  • A copy of your foreign passport

The original of the Certificate of Education and the passport must be presented to the Foreign Citizens Educational Centre at the arrival at the University. The Certificate of Education must be approved at the Embassy of the country you are coming from and have the corresponding seals.

Russian Language Preparation Course

The Russian language course lasts 1–1,5 years. Before embarking on this course your knowledge of Russian is tested to put you in the right group according to your level of Russian and your aims. Apart from Russian you are offered classes in Maths, IT, Economics to give you the opportunity to pass your entrance examinations.

Bachelor Degree Course

You need to submit the Certificate of Education from your country as well as the Certificate of Russian as a foreign language showing your level of Russian.

Master Degree Course

You need to submit your Bachelor Diploma plus the list of all the courses you have done on this level with your marks.

Post-graduate course Course

You are expected to submit your Master Diploma or a Diploma of Higher Education on your chosen speciality with the list of subjects and marks.

Doctorate course

A copy of the Diploma of the Candidate of Sciences in your chosen field of knowledge is required.

Trainee Course

You need to submit:

  • A copy of the Certificate of secondary or higher Education
  • A copy of passport
  • An application form showing the goals of your trainee course

These documents are examined by our staff and the decision about your application is mailed to you within several working days.

Tuition in our University is conducted in Russian, so a successful applicant should have the necessary level of the Russian language. The level of the Russian language is tested at the Foreign Citizens Educational Centre.

Tuition for all categories of students begins on September, 1 each year.

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