Master Courses

Forestry Faculty (FF)

  • Silviculture, Forestry and Forest Pyrology;
  • Forest Management, Forest Regulation, GIS in Forestry;
  • Forest Plantations, Selective Breeding, Seed Growing.

Forest Industries Faculty (FIF)

  • Timber Harvesting

Faculty of landscape Architecture (FLA)

  • Forest Science;
  • Gardening and Landscape Design.

Faculty of Mechanical and Chemical Wood Technology (FMCWT)

  • Technology and Equipment of Logging Operations and Woodworking Enterprises;
  • Technological Machines and Equipment;
  • Technology and Chemical Wood Conversion;
  • Automatization of Technological Processes and Enterprises.

Faculty of Economics and Foreign Relations (FEFR)

  • World Economy Resource Base;
  • Globalization of Product and Services Markets;
  • Countries and States in the 21st-century World Economy;
  • The Economy of Multi-resources Forest Regulation;
  • Anti-crisis Business Planning;
  • Information Technologies in Finance and Banking;
  • Audit and Financial Consulting;
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Profit-making Organizations;
  • International Standards of Accounting, Financial Accounting and Audit;
  • Accounting and Financial Management;
  • Accounting and Business Regulatory Support;
  • Accounting and Taxation;
  • Asset and Business Management Assessment;
  • Investment Assessment and Corporate Finances;
  • Financial Analyst;
  • Financial Management.

Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)

  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics;
  • System Analysis management;
  • Instrument-making;
  • Information and Computational Systems;
  • Standardization and Certifications.

International School of Management and Business

  • Marketing and Sales;
  • Strategic management;
  • Corporate Financial Management.
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