Лекция «Фитотехнология» профессора коннектикутского университета Юлии Кузовкиной

21 декабря 2016 года в зале Ученого совета профессор коннектикутского университета (USA, University of Connecticut) Юлия Кузовкина прочла лекцию «Фитотехнология» (Phytotechnology: use of plants for ecosystem services).

Phytotechnology: use of plants for ecosystem services

Julia Kuzovkina, University of Connecticut

As revitalization of metropolitan areas continues to expand, innovative green technologies hold considerable promise for creating sustainable urban ecosystems. Phytotechnologyis defined as the strategic use of plants to provide ecosystem services in urban landscapes. The term phytotechnology describes the application of science and engineering to identify environmental problems and provide solutions involving plants.

This presentation provides a broad overview of phytotechnologies using a cross interdisciplinary approach. It presents technical information on the effective use of planted systems in modified urban environments and explains how these uses and installations alleviate environmental degradation, improve environmental quality, and bolster economic development and social interactions.

It will discuss a wide spectrum of planted systems including modifications of urban environments with streetscaping, green roofs and green walls; phytoremediation and brownfield reclamation; bioretention for integrated water resource management; the roles that planted systems play in biodiversity conservation and climate change, as well as discussions of the principals of ecological enhancement and ecosystem services.

Audience: horticulture professionals, landscape architects.